Criminal Defense

Quick Facts:

Investigation: Law enforcement typically investigates an alleged crime before making an arrest. If you are being investigated, contact me to discuss your options today.

Arrest/Citation:  After its investigation, law enforcement may decide to arrest or cite you. If that happens, you have immediate rights. If you have been arrested or cited for any crime, contact me today.

Court: If you have been arrested or cited, you will have a Court date.  Your Court date will trigger critical obligations and extremely important rights. If you have a Court date, contact me today to ensure you have representation standing next to you at your Court date.

What Happens When you Call or Email My Office?

I will spend time to get to know you and your case.  I will first spend time learning about you and your background, because your history will have a significant impact on your future.  Then, I’ll work to figure out what stage your case is in, and advise you of the next step. While every case is different, every case needs a clear strategy–and it’s my job to make sure you  understand and agree with the plan.

Attorney Rich Tanasi represents people facing these and other crimes in all Nevada State and Federal Courts:

DUI -Driving Under the Influence

Drug Trafficking

Drug Possession



Battery Domestic Violence


Hit and Run


DMV Hearings




Casino Marker

Gun Crimes

Habitual Criminal Cases




Target Letter Response



Reckless Driving


Sex Crimes



Vehicular Homicide

Possession of Stolen Vehicle

Federal Grand Jury Notice Response

State Grand Jury Notice Response


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